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WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO ... Parents, You Are Now Invited!

     Aspen, our online educators tool for entering grades and attendance has finally reached a stage where we can sign up to "see into" our children's school time activities, at least a little bit. The system is more integrated, allowing teachers to input the data AND parents are now able to look at the information surrounding our children in more-or-less real time. Teachers have a 7-day window for entering grades on homework/formative assignments and a 14-day window for entering grades on classtime/summative assignments. Attendance is taken every period or mod and you can get a history of tardies and absences anytime.

     Once you sign up for access to the Parent Portal, you will be able see all of this information about your child's grades and attendance. Since you can see the names of your child's teachers you will be able to communicate more directly with them about your child's overall educational progress. You won't have to wait for your children to bring home a report card of their progress, or for a teacher to contact you about areas that need attention.

     These tools are their to give us that interaction that is proven to help us provide our children with the education they need and deserve. Have a look at the newly redesigned Manchester School District website while you're out in cyber space and feel free to send along your feedback and suggestions for ways to make it even better. Your children will thank you by being better prepared to be contributing members of society!

Debi Rapson
President, Red Brick Guides


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